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Froglet in The High Desert

Meet the Froglet , or Baby Frog here in Our pond! This Froglet is the common frog we have. The Pacific Tree Frog has to have a place to lay eggs and for those eggs to grow into adult frogs. Of course the Pacific Tree Frog uses any source of water for this process, this pond of ours is one of those places.

At this stage of growth this Froglet is still not mature enough to leave the water for good. However at this stage the Froglets start coming out of the water checking out things.

Foxglove Hybrid Flower

Meet this Foxglove Hybrid Flower! If you are new to my blogs, photographs you may not have seen this Hybrid in the past? We have had these growing now for three years I think (without going back and looking).

As with the past years these Foxglove grow near the Bell Flower, or the Bell Flower grow near the Foxglove? Either way this is what I believe this Foxglove Hybrid came from, these two flowers interbreeding with each other. Of course this is just my theory of observation in my garden.

Butterfly On The Sweet William Flowers

Meet the Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly we have here at the house in the High Desert of Oregon!

Of course this species of Swallowtail are not just at our garden, but many places here in the High Desert! There were several of these Yellow Swallowtail Butterflies here at the house on this day , I chose these Sweet William Flowers and their visitors to pay attention to!

Mud Dauber Wasp in The High Desert

Meet the Mud Dauber Wasp that we have at our pond getting what else? Mud!

At this stage of the game these Mud Dauber Wasps have never given me any reason to think they are aggressive. They come for the mud provided by this small pond of ours. Never have seen them at the other pond.....

The Mud Dauber Wasps do what they do, then fly off. We are pretty good about checking for nests of any kind here. Never have seen a nest of these! Nor do I want to.

White Crowned Sparrow Visiting The Garden



The White Crowned Sparrow can be found for some time here in our gardens and our wild bird area. This area consists of everything a bird could want!

Cats are prohibited in this area where the wild birds come and go! They bath, sleep, hang out then go on their merry way!

This White Crowed Sparrow is perched on our raspberry plants. These plants just now started leafing out. Soon berries will appear!


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