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Blue Ridge Mine Oregon

This is the Blue Ridge Mine in the Ochoco Mountains here in Oregon! We typically drive by these mines (there is quite a few in Oregon), however this day we thought we should stop and see what has changed since the last time we stopped by.

Nothing to much changed since the last time we had stopped. The weather in the Ochoco Mountains is taking it's toll as well as folks doing what people do when these kinds of folks have no one watching them.

American Goldfinch Fledgling

Meet this American Goldfinch Fledgling. This one is older then the others I have shown in another post! This one has his color coming in. Not quite all the way yet, but we can identify him as a American Goldfinch.

As with many places the American Goldfinch finds everything the bird needs here at home to raise young at. Because of this we get to see the fledglings grow up to a curtain age before they leave.

Fenders Blue Butterfly In Its Natural Environment

Meet the tiny Fenders Blue Butterfly!

This is one of our visits to the Ochoco Mountains. I look for water, and typically a prairie like area for the butterflies. Since everything needs a drink, and Butterflies do not drink as we do, they need mud! So this is what I look for. Typically I am not disappointed! As the photograph above shows, this Fenders Blue Butterfly is getting a drink.

Viceroy Butterfly In The High Desert

Meet the Viceroy Butterfly! Pretty Butterfly right?

I learned of this Butterfly actually on facebook..... a wildlife place was posting the difference of the Viceroy Butterfly, and the Monarch Butterfly. I thought it looked familiar, as if I had photographed the Viceroy Butterfly before. Sure enough when I came upon this photo album in my archive (2014), there was this Viceroy Butterfly!

Checkered Skipper Butterfly In The High Desert

Meet the Checkered Skipper Butterfly! This skipper Butterfly is a common Skipper here in our area.

The area in which I was for these photographs is a marshy area. If you are not careful where you step you may get wet! This is part of a gully that we have here in our town. I have hiked quite far in this gully and it just keeps going and going! Not all this gully has water, though more then on top does!

Spadefoot Toad Back in Oregon

Meet again the Spadefoot Toad that lives here at our property showing up once in a while in our pond.

Since our weather has been warm for this time of the year, I started watering. The next morning this Spadefoot Toad was in this fabricated pond. We placed these fabricated ponds into our natural ponds for water conservation. Our part of the High Desert has been getting drier then normal due to the limitation of water. We felt in 2014 that 2015 might be worse thus the prefabricated ponds.

Pygmy Horned Lizard Of Jefferson County Oregon

Meet the protected Pygmy Short-Horned Lizard who lives here with us in Jefferson County Oregon! Like other species of wildlife I have photographed these Pygmy Horned Lizard came from east of Madras Oregon.

These little guys blended in so well I was afraid the dogs were going to step on them!! Though do not worry along with blending in they are quick!!

Rosie Cheeks Woodpecker and Flicker Friend

Meet Rosie Cheeks the woodpecker that I talk about on twitter!

Rosie Cheeks is the name I gave this wild Flicker Woodpecker for this woodpecker has already given me hours of entertainment. Keeping in mind naming wildlife is not the wisest thing for some day Rosie Cheeks for some reason will stop coming by everyday. Though I dont want to think about that!

Notice the red cheek color, and the red on the tail feathers. This will be spoken about later on.

High Desert Game Bird

Meet these game birds found here in our town in the High Desert of Oregon! These birds are typically in this area every time I take a walk this way and every time they seam to make me jump even though I know they are there haha!

Without looking at the photographs Guy, (he is my other half ), says they are probably the common sage hens. This could be for I looked up ,"Sage Han", here on the computer and the females and young do look like these photographs I took.


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