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Monarch Butterfly Visits The High Desert

Meet the Monarch Butterfly! The Monarch Butterfly is big, flashy and one can not miss them when they start showing up! The Monarch Butterfly just happens to like the Zinnia Flowers here in our garden.

The Monarch Butterfly does not like any other of our flowers like they do our Zinnias! I do keep the Zinnia Flowers blooming until they go to seed, not allowing anyone to cut down the zinnia leaving the flowers to all the wildlife that likes to feed on the flower.

Landscape of The High Desert

Welcome to The High Desert of Oregon!

If in the USA hope you had a good holiday weekend!

Some of us choose to live here for the scenic beauty of our area.

If you choose to visit our area I sure hope you ask around to find our hidden jems of Jefferson County Oregon!

Thank you for coming by!

Cosmos Flower Blooms in the High Desert

Meet the Cosmos Flower. Many colors to choose from! Here in the high desert, with good soil and lots of water the Cosmos do great!! Actually, I think they would do ok if I did not water so much?

We did throw down seed in places that other plants had a hard time in. Well, lets face it we throw down the seed everywhere in 2014 just to see where it liked it the most. Since nothing else grew in a couple locations we just figured the cosmos would not grow there either, surprise!

Yellow Legged Frog Of Oregon

Meet this rather colorful frog that showed up one day in our small pond!

We placed these prefabricated ponds into our natural ponds to conserve on water. Never thought of the species of frogs and toads that would be showing up for me to observe! Just new we needed to do something about our water usage here on the High Desert of Oregon.

Iris Flowers Blooming

The Iris Patch has started blooming! This Iris had bloomed before however the Iris Bloom below is a new bloomer!

This Bright Yellow Bearded Iris Flower is a new bloomer! We were tickled to see the Flower!

I went and thinned out the Iris Patch last year! This Iris thanked us with these blooms!

Evening Grosbeak Visiting

Meet the Evening Grosbeaks who stopped by the other day here at our place on the High Desert of Oregon!

This flock was not the biggest we have had here! Several males, perhaps the females are around I just did not see the females? The Evening Grosbeaks do have a distinctive call that makes me look for them!

Sweat Bee and the Wild Strawberry

Meet the Sweat Bee. Rather pretty in color with the fluorescent green don't you think? The flower the Sweat Bee is feeding on is a wild Strawberry plant that just started growing on it's own. No doubt the seeds coming from the birds?

I don't mean to photographs these Sweat Bee's on yellow flowers, they just seam to like them or being the color they are they catch my eye better on the yellow?

Marigold Flowers Blooming in Oregon

Meet the Marigold Flower! These photographs were taken on September 3 2014. There are several species of Marigold Flowers in this post.

This photograph above is of a large headed Marigold Flower that the plant itself grows along with the blooms a good three feet high or so. The circumference is somewhat impressive and they do stand out with the big blooms!

Dahlia Flower Blooming in the High Desert

Meet the Dahlia Flower! So many colors, sizes,shapes of the Dahlia! This post will be many photographs of the Dahlia Flowers we have grown.

Most of our Dahlia Flowers have been grown by tubers, though we have grown them by seed as well! 2014 was a interesting year in general! Guy had been hurt at work, so unable to do much of the gardening. I did my best to handle everything on my own and I just like to say, I sure did not understand how much work the garden is for one person HAHA!!


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