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Visit To The Ochoco Mountains

One place we like to get lost in is the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon!

We arrived early Sunday morning. A little chilly, somewhere in the 30's f.. I was grateful I brought warm cloths and our heater worked fine! I hope to get this post done sometime this week of June 15th 2015!

The Antelope, or Pronghorn were seen either by themselves or in herds. It looked to me as if in family units? Almost as many Antelope as Mule Deer!

Painted Lady Butterfly Laying Eggs

This is the Painted Lady Butterfly. Several species of this butterfly, this is the species we have here at home. As you can see the Hollyhock is budding out and will flower later on in the season.

These photographs were photographed through the chain link fence. Observing this Painted Lady told me I did not have time to go through the gate to get the photographs of this Painted Lady Laying Eggs, so with my lens I blurred out the "XXXXX" of the fence.

Poppy Flower Blooming

This is one species of Poppy Flowers we grow. Big as my hand, perhaps larger and two colors from this group are blooming right now!

We allowed this poppy plant to take over one of the corners nearest the smaller pond. Since the slugs like this poppy plant the toads help with eating the slugs. The bottom leaves of this Poppy Plant like to rest on the ground, making such things as slugs a issue for they can just climb right up or hide underneath from the birds we have so many of here.

Dragonfly of the High Desert of Oregon

Meet the Dragonfly of our home here in the High Desert of Oregon!

Hope you all had a good weekend? We got some things that needed done , done in the garden. Now it is time to start putting out the seeds for the future flowers and the visitors to our garden! Many of my photographs of 2014 did come from our own garden. These photographs of this Band-winged Meadowhawk is no different!

These photographs came from one of our ponds, and fruit trees that hang over that pond.

Bumblebees Are Back

The blooming of the flowers brings such things as the Bumblebees! This Bumblebee is working on our Lupine Flowers. Round and round the Bumblebee goes!

One thing you can be sure of is? These Bumblebee's are to hard at work to really care that we are watching! At times the Bumblebee's will fly up to you to check you out, sometimes it seams as if aggressively! Though no need to swat at the Bumblebee's, they are just checking out the situation!

Mason Bee Have Emerged

Meet the tiny Mason Bee. These tiny bee's emerge well, now in the High Desert of Oregon!

So far only a couple have been observed and photographed within the last two days. Since they are still skittish I feel they have just emerged! We get many creatures showing up here for our garden is starting to bloom, so the flowers attract many creatures. We also just happen to have a Pine Tree in which I am just throwing a thought out there, this might be where these bees are nesting at?? 


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