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Turkey Vulture Feeding In The Ochoco Mountains

Meet the Turkey Vulture of North America. This is a graphic wildlife post. Please stop now if you do not like seeing wildlife feeding.

While up in the Ochoco Mountains here in Oregon we came across Turkey Vultures. Rather a common thing to see here in our part of Oregon. All together there was oh half a dozen or more vultures. With that said, the bird who stayed on their meal just was not all to thrilled about leaving, and who am I to argue?

Wild Horses of The Ochoco Mountains

1. Meet some of the wild horses of the Ochoco Mountains! Over 40 years these wild horses have been roaming the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon!

2. We got into the Ochoco Mountains before 6am yesterday. We stopped off at the first and only restrooms we know of in this part of the mountains and I got this photograph of the sign telling folks of the wild horses. Unknowing of course we would be running into what we did.....

Red-tailed Hawk Eating

Nature can be not so nice.

Animals have to eat, this is just the way it is. Birds of prey are a favorite of mine to capture with my camera. I like to get them hunting and when I get a chance, to get them eating.

I chose only ten photographs to show, from when I first seen this red tailed hawk eating, to when he flew off. It was not easy to pick out only ten photographs!!

He/she even gave me the evil eye a time or two!

Painted Lady Butterfly In The High Desert

Meet the Painted Lady Butterfly!

This particular species of the Painted Lady is one of the many butterflies that has been showing up here at our home on the High Desert at least since 2012. I believe this Painted Lady is the Vanessa Cardui species. The Painted Lady Butterflies to my understanding is found all over America, might be a different sub species ...

Oregon Red Admiral Butterfly

Meet the Red Admiral Butterfly. These photographs were taken right here at home on the Raspberry leaves on June 6 , 2014.

One thing to note, we grow the Raspberries around our small ponds where the Raspberries can get the water they need here in the High Desert of Oregon without having to pay attention to how much water such berries need. The roots of the berry plants at times are completely water bound.

Green-Veined White Pieris Napi Butterfly Photos By Coralie

When I seen this butterfly right after it emerged from it's cocoon I was quite thrilled.This is when a butterfly is most colorful.

This is a Green-Veined White Pieris Napi Butterfly. I read where it is not truly green, but because of the yellow and black color on a white back ground, the colors omit a green color. Hence their name.I read too where the adult males gives off a odor that resembles lemon verbena.

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