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Who is going to get there own way?

18 Apr 2011

Our mastiffs were actually playing at one of the lakes we were at.

They are just bigger then most dogs.
English Mastiffs are very good family dogs. They are protectors and do not need to tell anyone, or even show anyone they are. When adults they puff up like puffer fish.
Pound per pound they do not play rougher then other breeds of dogs, they are just big dogs.
The English Mastiff, or Old English Mastiff is a old breed of dog.
The males can weigh anywhere from 150- 250 pounds.The biggest English Mastiff to date was 345 pounds. He stood 35 inches at the shoulders and tip of his tail to the tip of his nose he was 8.25 feet long. I read where he was the size of a small donkey.
Our young boys are no where near that size! They are around 200 pounds. Big babies if you ask me!

UPDATE 6-13-2016 added images 4 through 8 just because i can!

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