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Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly And Bumblebee

03 May 2014

Meet the Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly!

This first image I took is to show you what a Lorquin's Admiral looks like , this is when you can stop if you have small children or if such things of the natural world turns your belly !

Some people may not know that butterflies at times have the sick factor.  Meaning at times they may act like the insects they are!

Many people know that a butterfly can not drink water like we do, or drink water like our cat. Everything a butterfly takes in has to be liquefied. Much like other insects!  You may observe a butterfly drinking water from mud, or even poop. They go to blood and even urine. As this small series of shots show, butterflies even go to other dead insects to obtain the liquid they need to survive.

The dead Bumblebee you see in these photographs has attracted this Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly and the butterfly is doing what a butterfly does!

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