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Hanging Out With A Ruby-crowned Kinglet

14 Nov 2014

This is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Very small and quick bird!  

I do get a good archive of photographs going of one species of wildlife. This Ruby-crowned Kinglet is no different.   

Na you can not tell he knows I am here photographing him in this shot! HA   I named the shot below "flying", however he was just getting his balance more then actually "flying". 

Here he is flashing his color!   

This next shot is one of my favorites. He is just kicking back and showing his color!   

This last one he just hops off to somewhere else!   

The shot I had to add in here, it is the last useable shot I got of this day of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet AND the closest this Ruby-crowned Kinglet or any of the Kinglets ever came this close to me and my camera. I actually was somewhat shocked for I make it no secrete to the birds, wildlife or anything that I am right here.... with my camera in hand! 

Thank you for coming by and Hanging out with this Ruby-crowned Kinglet bird!  

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