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Conflict Within A Wildflower Insect Floral Photography

09 Jul 2012

This conflict is between a metallic green insect sweat bee), and a yellow insect (wasp) that happened pretty quickly. 

It all started when we came upon these cool looking purple wildflowers on the high desert floor. 

Seams to me like some kind of thistle weed (Sagebrush Mariposa Lily).

I noticed a pretty green metallic insect (Sweat bee) on one of them just doing what a metallic green insect dose!

Then I noticed this yellow insect on the other side of the stigma of the wildflower. Just did not appear to me that they were paying much attention to each other.

Until the yellow insect came to the same side of the stigma! The yellow insect stopped, then saw the metallic green insect!

That darn yellow insect started to attack! You can see the yellow insect biting the metallic green insect and the metallic green insect trying to get away!

The metallic green insect wings started flapping and finally flying away leaving the yellow insect have its own way!!

Moral of this story is? Don't mess with the yellow insect when you are a peaceful sort ha !

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