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Buck In Rut Charging In Oregon

I photograph several Antelope bucks every year here in Central Oregon. Never had one charge me before!!

Like all the rest of the Antelope Buck I went after in the past to get a good shot. This one at first stopped allowed me a couple shots than moved behind some brush. I thought that was that.

Boy was I wrong!!

He came charging out of the brush making this strange noise! It was snorting but it was strange, not like a pig but it was loud and just strange!! Then this Antelope buck stopped!!

By this time Guy was yelling at me to get to the truck. I am not so quick, I thought!! Come to find out I am quicker than I thought I was!! By this time the Antelope buck was at a full charge!

I did what I could as far as photographs go. The Antelope buck was coming and the truck was right there, and I wanted photographs! I got one photograph of him at a full charge and his front legs were off the ground.

At this stage I was heading into the truck! Out the window I caught this Antelope buck attacking (I think that is a good word for it?), a bush! He was rubbing his horns on it and just busting the bush all up!

It is rutting time here in Central Oregon and dang these creatures can be out of control! I had heard that people do get hurt by these rutting wildlife and I do try to be careful. The dogs were not with us this time and I really feel having the dogs with us makes things better for this kind of thing!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this happening I do still stalk about....

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