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Red breasted Nuthatch Visiting

On this day I was doing my chores, you know the domestic goddess stuff I am not all that good at? When I happened to hear a bird call out. The bird was right outside the door so it was a loud call the bird was making!

We get a lot of birds in this tree of ours. So many birds that we cut off the gate that is under the tree! Why did we cut off the access to that gate? Well lets just say we have a lot of bird activity in that tree and the birds..... the birds will crap on you to be frank ha! I step into the threshold of the door and the calling out stopped! Well, well , well I got a bird who wants to play hide and go seek! After a little bit of time the calling started up again and I had not moved! Went to get my camera that is waiting for times like these....

The little nuthatch was captured with my camera just doing what Red-breasted Nuthatches do in a pine tree!

You can see from the shot above why our tree has attracted this cute little bird! The pine cones!

The little bird got used to me standing in the door way. The Red-breasted Nuthatch hide from me several times haha! Obviously new I was paying attention!

Since the Red-breasted Nuthatch also feeds on the insects , and the ponds we have are a good source of water we tend to get a lot of birds showing up here! Every year for gosh several years the Red-breasted Nuthatch has made our home a stopping ground. More and more show up here every year!

This last shot I am going to show is the pine nut there going flying to the ground..... for some reason this Red-breasted Nuthatch rejected that one! Only the Red-breasted Nuthatch knows why?

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