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Facebook getting just a tad bit intrusive

When I signed up for facebook 6 years ago , (2010) it was so simple. One of my sons told me I need to sign up for this facebook since it will be easy for us to communicate. OK says I, using what I have used since the mid 90's , mrsroadrunner.

I keep my personal page pretty tidy. Deleting old stuff..... using the private feature to speak to worthy people, (this too I delete. I heard of facebook glitches that make these private conversations go public). I did go and make up my photography Page, why not? One has to have a, "personal page" to have a, "business page".

To my surprise when I went to facebook today,

Ok says I, I will play this game.... to a extent! Sent facebook my business license. A business license is a government document saying that you have passed everything for a business license.... I refuse to go into personal details with a HUGE company such as Facebook. Why? Places like Facebook do not care about our personal lives. There is no one to talk to at such a business. Everything is electronically, like robots. Talking to your TV for example.

I just do not see the need to send in a birth certificate , photo id etc. to a place like facebook , twitter , godaddy , the places I have blogs at, on and on......

I read over the document quite well, lets go through these steps shall we?

You can see what kinds of government, (assuming the US Government id, not sure what folks from other countries use), by looking in the Examples Included.


You are saying, well I have not gotten this. Why did you? I do not know why after 6 years I got this? Have no clue..... my photography page has everything someone could ever want to know. All one has to do is look. Did I get people complaining of my communication methods? Sure, why not? You know how folks are on this computer, always trying to mess with others. So sure, that could be a reason?

Did the threats a certain person made to me come true? Sure why not? I just don't know and frankly don't care at this point. On wards with what Facebook wants folks to jump through....

Isn't that nice Facebook gives you so many options for them to authenticate who you are when using their website? You need to choose 3 of these to give Facebook, 3! Mind you this is not to drive a car, to run a business , or to open a bank account. This is to read about folks having bowel movements and what they ate for dinner that night. You know important stuff......
Image 5

Image above has been used under the free public domain license.

Then Facebook gives you instructions of how Facebook can further invade your privacy.


Isn't that nice Facebook even gives you a link for mobile users......

What does happen to the ID of those foolish enough to send in such private information? Keep in mind this is for Facebook , not the bank, not to vote, not even your taxes nothing the real world feels is real important. It is Facebook folks!


Dont you like the wording? Such as, "Your issue" ? Well you know what? If folks did not stand for such intrusion whose issue would this be? Is not Facebook supposed to be a site in which THEY make money? Is Facebook not a money earning website, who needs folks using their website? So "Your issue", may not describe this accurately?

Dont get me wrong I like chatting with folks, like the next person I guess? I do laugh when folks call me names when they are not getting their own way, or miss read something I put up for a laugh or to make folks stop and think, if not just for a second..... Then I delete it after the one on one conversation is over.

I mentioned my Photography page on Facebook. I do have a admin running that site other then myself. I will contact this person again in the morning. Letting them know the actions which took place today and my choice of NOT sending in sensitive private information for Facebook to do with what they want. This is My choice. I am not comfortable sending in such documentation to a place like Facebook .

If you would like to check out that page it is S

Snap shot below;
Image 9

Mind you all information is on my Photography Facebook page on how to contact me, my name, where I live, my photo, everything is right there. Though I really do not know how long my Photography page will remain standing, seeing how Facebook is making me choose between what privacy I have and Facebook...... but it is there if you want to check it out. I do use Twitter , more so now ha! At least until Twitter starts to demand my personal information sent to them....

Bottom line is, this is my choice NOT to jump through Facebook hoops. Social Media should not be such a place one has to send in private information when following the rules of such website as I have always done.

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