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Selling Music

Run into someone lately and the memory of our music selling days came up..... sometimes it is hard to know who we are talking to on this computer. Lets face is, some folks lie .... well, I thought I would put that old, horrible image up I took of just a few of our vinyl records. My lord we had so many!! Even more were the odd ball stuff. The records from the depression era that were made out of a cardboard substance.... others made later on that felt like thin cardboard. We had old music from cereal boxes, magazines even! Some sold for a good price, others sold for pennies on the dollar.

The really old vinyl that exploded as I watched!! Such things need to be stored properly and when I would get a new shipment in from who knows where I would put it off to the side to acclimate to our environment and sometimes they would explode!!

I would even have folks contact me and wait a minute that is the name on this album, or that is the name on the back of the album...... sure enough I would be speaking with the actually musician. Or a family member who did not even realize anyone still had that family members music and wanted to buy it. Of course this is how I got some of my cd's, I traded the old vinyl to the person for a cd.

Many folks live and breath their music. Some of us are just fans and collectors of such music! It was real neat speaking with the musicians, face to face and on this computer..... I am no longer selling music, it was sure fun while it lasted!

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