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Forced Garbage Pickup

I do try and stay out of the political realm where we live. Why? Well..... let just say we live here, have for at least 15 years. With that saying, many of us feel we are not what one would say, "a part", of a community. We just live here. We try hard to stay to ourselves. Ignore the gossip that tends to go on in such places as Metolius Oregon. Like any small town there is plenty of gossip, many folks have nothing else to do with their time.

There is some of the people who make the rules for us who do not know who live here. These people  seam to want the big city, within our small boundary . Folks who run the town do not talk to us who live here. Some of us ask, "well, why dint they just stop by and say something, instead of paying money to snail mail us that"? This is the point, our town is not that kind of place.

When I read this in the Madras Newspaper I found a kindred spirit who feels as I do!


No forced garbage pickup in Metolius

If you live in Metolius, you received notification in the monthly newsletter (which is sent with your sewer bill) of an upcoming matter of required garbage service for all Metolius residents. The city of Metolius employees and the members of the City Council want to pass an ordinance requiring all households to have mandatory garbage service for which you will be billed monthly.

I wrote a letter to the city and attended the latest council meeting to voice my opposition to this measure. According to what I heard, the four city employees (none of whom live in Metolius) and most of the council members (all of whom are required to live in Metolius) are in favor of this measure. I believe those not living in Metolius should have no say in the matter.

If this ordinance is passed by the City Council, you will be required to pay the bill each month whether or not you use this service. It will be mandatory. If you do not pay the bill, it will certainly affect your credit rating and have repercussions. I have no idea what measures the city will use to collect the fees, but you will not win.

It was decided to have a town hall meeting for residents to get together and voice their opinions about this measure. This is to be held before the end of June and the time and place of the meeting will be announced in the monthly flyer, which you should receive this week. It is also to be put on the reader board at City Hall.

Please attend this important meeting to voice your opinion, whether for or against. You have heard of “taxation without representation," well, be there to represent yourself or get ahold of a council person to voice your opinion. You do have rights and a voice — use it!

Carolyn Reynolds

Metolius "

Well well, here we go again. What Carolyn said about the Town Hall Meeting not being set in stone. This is typical. So typical! If there is no time set until the meeting, then more then likely it will have a small tern out. This is common sense.

If you notice where you are right now? has been around longer then the, "official", city website due to ignoring the towns people who voiced their opinion about needing a website. Typical. Those who live here our opinions are ignored. Fall on deaf ears. Hence going to the web. Carolyn went to the Madras Oregon newspaper to voice her opinion. I respect this for she has to!! Our town leaders just don't care about the people who live here. Why should they if what Carolyn says is true and these city leaders do not even live here.

The web is a big place. When you live in a such a small pond with folks with deaf ears where else is there to go but to a bigger pond such as the world wide web......

Making folks do things, specially folks who choose to live in a more rural small place as Metolius Oregon you will get friction. Look at the town leaders as sand paper, rubbing the people who pay the bills to live here, rubbing us raw. If these city leaders do not even live here, they dont care. They are not paying the bills to live here.

As another resident of Metolius Oregon said to me earlier, how are they going to make us pay this garbage fee bill? That is where the money comes in that we pay to live here. Court, court fee's, they will bill us residences until we give in or move. You want to sale what you have to live somewhere where you feel you have a voice?

I do not agree with this forced Garbage Pickup. I do not agree for us personally, nor do I agree for our neighbors. Again it does me absolutely NO GOOD to voice my opinion in any town hall, if we even know when the town hall is going to take place. The people who run Metolius Oregon do not care what we have to say! We only live here. Some of us have lived here longer then others. Some of us have tried hard to just observe what goes on here and shake our heads ........ go on with our life and try to live within the absurdity that goes on here.

I am on the side of Carolyn . I do question if we ever met in person? Probably not since I have my health and that which makes my websites and photography what they are I have to keep the top priority in my own life.

As for living here in Metolius Oregon....... "we", meaning this family tries and keep to busy to even write up such things as this, try to stay out of the bickering and fighting that goes on in rural Oregon. I just had to say something on this issue! Because when you get right down to it, I am bashful hahahahahhahaha (for you all on twitter dont laugh to hard now ;) .

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