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2016 Update

Thought I would  do a update as I occasionally do on my websites.

I have my server and made my websites to host what else but my photography and writings of my photography. The past 6+ yrs of doing this has been a fun ride, if not fun I would not be doing this!  I have been through, "buy outs", of where ever i was hosting this at the time. The last buy out I chose to do my own hosting, websites etc.. This has also been a learning curve since I am all self taught in this process.

I did feel by 2016 I would have all my posts moved over by now, but noooooooo! Issues with a image program taking a dump, I had to come up with another way of displaying my images. What is writing of my wildlife and nature observations without images? Thus you may have seen this new format? The viewer can read what I write if you choose to, or you can push on the images and have a gallery of just the images. They claim a photograph is worth a thousand words right?

Then I noticed while on my sons 3d handheld game machine that the mobile feature was not exactly what i wanted. Slow load time  was just one thing i noticed. So, off  I went to make mobile sites that loaded quicker and displayed my photography in a way i liked. OH OH, images were WAY to big !! Well darn now what? I had put full sized images on my websites, which took a long time to load!

I don't have these mobile devices , so what does a person do? I went on the web and researched what else but mobile devices and websites. Research is something I do  quite a bit so this is nothing new. I read, and I read and the information did sink in !

Placing image quality for mobile devices as well as quicker load time is something i am currently working on as well as getting my posts moved over. These two things work together so that is good!

I have my signed , autographed website and my download website. The towns website I am doing all this to , need that mobile as well right!? As well as the other websites I own. I am updating the other sales websites as I can.

We ran into a little snag here at home with Guys new toy, which should be all complete and keep us out of court tomorrow? That of course has been a major project since we did not have much time to get that all done. Smarter of the codes of our town, no longer ignorant!

The beach show was fun, and got to see parts of Northern California. Which frankly seamed like a life time ago though only has been a couple months back.

Well that is a brief update on what is going on. Oh I did open comments back up. Frankly, I did not think folks would comment so much haha! The trail run was just overwhelming!

Oh I am sure there is more to add, and if there is I will edit this.... Thank you for coming by and I have a whole mess of new things coming!! 

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