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2012 Is Here

Singing in the new year is this Yellow Headed Black Bird I got at the marsh in 2011.

2012 feels like it is going to be a great year, dont you feel it??

I have been working hard behind the scenes here putting my photographs in more places here on the web to be seen by even more Wildlife and Nature lovers!

Natural photography I feel has gone out of style, however I also feel it is making a come back!! Real colors, real wildlife and real nature will be popular again, I just know it!!

AND I am right here cheering it on!!

Some of my photography, in full resolution. Meaning right off my camera! This post I hope does not take to long to load?? I try hard to make my photographs "computer friendly", however this post I wanted to show off some photographs in full resolution, or basically right off the camera! I do very little editing and no major editing at all. Ok lets see how this is going to go over??

Now I am sure you have noticed these images of mine are in my published IE professional name "Coralie". For those of you who have not heard the story of how that came to be.... let me tell the story again!

Having parents who one has passed on already and another both of them were not in the "computer" generation and were and had always been surprised how natural the computer had become for their little girl, their baby. That little girl grew up and still fascinated with Wildlife and Nature , and still photographing that which she saw.

When the public starting noticing what this women was able to create, mother who is in her golden years wanted to see these photographs which her daughter had taken, but not knowing anything about the computer nor living close to her daughter, this mother had help getting on the computer.

The mother asked the helper to write in her daughters name, Coralie. Surprised no photographs came up on this machine called a computer.

Phoning her daughter up, the mother explained that she tried to see her daughters photographs. Nothing come up under "Coralie". The mother asked, that her daughter use her name they had given her at birth, thus my published , professional name is just "Coralie".

This makes my mother happy, and somewhere (where ever the dead go) - my father is smiling as well!
January 11 2012, 11:18 AM  by mrsroadrunner
UPDATE 7-29-2016:Please keep in mind this post is now  over 5 yrs old. Since this was written my mother has passed away. Some other things have changed as well.

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