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Wildflowers of Oregon Shoot Star or Poet's Shooting Star

Never photographing these before. I was quite happy to find these high up in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon.
We found a area of wildflowers blooming and stopping to photograph all the wildflowers in that spot, then thought we should head up to the higher elevation and did so on a narrow dirt road until we came to melting snow. This is where these were blooming along with some other wildflowers.
Noticing a lot of elk and it looked like the horses use the area as a resting place. Wild horses in the Ochoco Mountains is a common thing.
These are said to ONLY be wild here in Oregon. Other shooting stars have 4 peddles, while as you can see these have 5 peddles. How many of us even think about counting peddles on such closely related flowers as these with the other 13 species? I know I did not think of this until researching this flower! Guy recalls hearing these being called cowslip, however this is a new species to me! I do not recall photographing this species of flower before and if I have not photographed the species of flower I am not going to remember the flower. 
I thought it good to pull back on my lens and get the vegetation , leaves. Researching this species I found out it takes them several years to bloom. Along with this color of purple/blue which were so much more abundant, I found a few white flowers blooming. The ratio of white to this other color was very noticeable!
Thank you for coming by and a huge thank you to Chris Gudger on facebook for answering my call for help on identification of this flower!!   UPDATE; I did find a place that sold the seeds to this flower. Currently , with our weather still down around freezing during the night time hours - I have the seeds germinating inside the house until our weather decides what it wants to do. See if I can get these to grow in our flower beds? UPDATE, never did get these to grow in the garden.
First published May 26, 2013

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