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Iris Flowers In My Garden

Meet the Bearded Iris Flowers. Most of our Bearded Iris Flowers are the "Tall" species. We have had these  Bearded Iris flowers so long we have forgot their names. Yes flowers actually have names the breeders give them ha!

In 2015 we will have a dozen or so more colors of the Bearded Iris blooming, or the new ones look as if they have taken off just fine!

Some of our Bearded Iris's we have more then one of. Since after all they grow and multiply.

This post has many photographs, makes up for some of the other posts where I talk more, photographs less. I thought some color would be good for all of us seeing it is winter.

Why the Bearded Iris you might ask? Well, we have limited space in our garden, every inch counts in such a place!

I enjoy floral photography. I practice this everyday that the garden grows (obsessively I might add ha). Like most gardeners I like to show off what we have worked so hard for.

As it is we do not have to much pollinating the Bearded Iris.

The Bearded Iris comes in so many colors! The tall bearded iris are quite impressive to see!

I had thinned out the Bearded Iris patch and Guy planted them in more locations around the gardens. 2015 will be interesting to see where else the Bearded Iris likes to grow!

You can see in the shots above their are columbine flowers growing within the Iris patch! The philosophy of this is, by planting more then one flower that will grow together, the pollinators that are attracting to one of the flowers may also go to the other flowers pollinating them as well!

We also have to have the Bearded Iris grow outside the dogs fence. Why? Our dogs would have everyone of them broke before the blooming stage ha!

Thank you for coming by and seeing the many (but not all), of my photographs of the lovely Bearded Iris flowers we grow!

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