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When The Visitors All Go Home

When the visitors all go home, everything goes quiet. What once was full of people, is now empty.A quiet calmness takes over.

2. This is the time of the year when trees start to change color.

3. The mushrooms start to grow. 4. Several Rabbits feel secure enough to come and have breakfast!

6. The playground no longer have children laughing and playing.

7. The boys get to roam with us while I take photographs. 8. This is usually where dogs get to roam, which is of course empty

The park is closed for the season. I went ahead and signed up to help the State of Oregon photograph such things as the parks. We learned several things, and had quite a time in The Deschutes Campground as well as the Group Campground that were closed. Some other places, however they were not closed just yet.

9-10-11. One thing we were sure to see is the Mule Deer. Are area is thick with them and when the visitors go home, the wildlife and nature take over the parks.

What I got a thrill out of is the views which you can see in several of my photographs!

14 and 15. From the closed Group Camp AT The Cove Palisades State Park I captured the Petroglyph Rocks from the view I usually do not get,

I would have never gotten these photographs if I did not sign up with the state to enter the closed parks! Sure there is some minor work to do, but well with it in my eyes!


Hi there Michael

Nice to see you over here Michael! This place was photographed for the state of Oregon :) I agree though, the best time is when the visitors are not here, if you can stand the bitter cold weather :) Here in the high desert of Oregon we can be 100 + in summer and negative 0 in winter.... talk about a difference of temps haha Again nice to see you over here! Coralie

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