Hike Into Lake Billy Chinook Nature Photography By Coralie

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Hike Into Lake Billy Chinook Nature Photography By Coralie

Our life's here consists of several things, hiking is a huge part of our life's. Guy calls these "walks", long walks! I admit I am not the fastest walker. To busy looking around I guess?

We started out where Guy is looking over there. We have a spot we park the truck, head out.

We do not like bringing the dogs on this hike. Just to many things can happen and they easily could go right off the cliff, so they stay at home with the son. There is something to be said about being on top of the canyon!

You can see for miles for one thing!! You do need to be mindful of where you are stepping. There are very old cracks in the rock that go a LONG way down!! Some of the big rocks just balance on other rocks.

You can see Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood and three fingers Jack from this advantage point. There is even a waterfall at this time of the year!

Then, what you do not see very often at all is airplanes flying into the canyon!! This pilot looked to be alone in his aircraft! I mean we could see right into the cockpit from our advantage point!

This last airplane looked to have passengers with him. Something visitors can do while in our area, go on airplane rides!

Thank you for coming by!

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